Big and Tall Office Chair Buying Guide

Being big and tall has its advantages, but when choosing an office chair, you will want to be sure to choose a chair with the right size and features to fit your needs. Many regular office chairs come with seat height adjustments insufficient to accommodate the longer legs of tall people. But there are big and tall chairs specially designed for 300–400-pound (140-180 kg.) users.

Chair Size

Once you have determined the weight category you will be choosing from, you will want to consider the maximum seat height and depth. Tall people have longer femur bones, so to sit comfortably, they need an office chair with a seat that has greater than average depth.

Tall chairs will also have higher backrests, often with a headrest and lumbar support for added comfort. One good thing to know is that by choosing a chair in the big and tall category, you can rest assured that the armrests will most likely be larger and reinforced for the added weight.

All big and tall chairs are built with more durable bases, casters and frames. The seats will usually be wider and feature thicker padding, with a slight waterfall type slope at the front to help reduce stress on the legs.

Seat Adjustments

As with any office chair, you will want a chair that allows the seat height to be adjusted so that your feet rest flat on the ground with your legs rested evenly on the seat. Big and tall chairs usually have a slightly higher seat height adjustment range to reach the height you need.

A chair with a seat depth adjustment will allow you to adjust the depth of your seat to accommodate the full length of your legs. The edge of the seat should be just behind your knees when seated properly.

If a chair has a back angle adjustment, you can use the tension control to increase or decrease the resistance of the chair’s tilt angle to set the chair to your most comfortable position.

Materials and Styles

Choose a style and upholstery that will be comfortable for you, and will work well with your office setting. With multiple colors to choose from, it should be easy to find a chair that will match the style and feel of your office.

FUH SHYAN Has You Covered

If you are one of those special people in the Big & Tall category, and are looking for the right office chair, FUH SHYAN has you covered. In the past, when making adjustments for Big & Tall chairs, functional adjustments were often lost, but not with FUH SHYAN. When re-molding ergonomic chair designs for Big & Tall, the rigidity of the structure and the thickness of the material are strengthened, but all adjustment functions are retained.

FUH SHYAN Big & Tall chairs meet international ANSI/BIFMA X5 standards to provide support, comfort, and durability.
Base plates, back support structures, and five-star feet are thickened for greater support and impact resistance. Gas lift cylinders are constructed with Class 4 QPQ carburized steel to assure strength and long-term stability. You can rest assured that with a FUH SHYAN Big and Tall chair you will have many years of comfortable and safe use.