How to Clean and Maintenance Office Chair

Over time, your chair will eventually collect dirt and dust, and get stained from that occasional accidental spill. Casters will also collect lint, hair and other debris, and will need to be cleaned out. But with proper care and cleaning, you can keep your office chair clean and presentable, and extend its lifetime as well.

How to clean office chair stains?

If you do happen to spill coffee or other food on your chair, it is important to clean it immediately if possible. Before cleaning, check to see if there is a cleaning instruction label on your chair. If it has a lettered cleaning code, this code will tell you which cleaning method to use. A “W” means it can be cleaned with water; an “S” indicates you should use a solvent or water-free cleaner; and an “SW” means you can use either. If the label has an “X” it should be professionally cleaned only.

You don’t need to use any special type of soap to clean your office chair. Make a solution of mild dish soap and dampen a cloth with it to wipe your chair with. For stained areas, gently blot the stain with the dampened cloth. With any cleaning method, you should pre-test a small, inconspicuous area before cleaning the whole chair.

Do not pour water directly onto the chair, as this can cause rust on metal parts or mildew in the cloth material. Also do not use a hair dryer, as the high temperature can cause damage to the seat material.

You will also want to vacuum your chair regularly, especially removing dirt from between the gaps, as these can wear out the material.

How to clean office chair wheels and lubricate casters?

To keep your office chair rolling smoothly, it is good to get into a habit of cleaning and lubricating the casters on a regular basis. Hair lint and other debris can get lodged in the wheels, making it difficult for the chair to roll smoothly. But it is quite easy to just flip your chair upside down and pull out any debris from inside the wheel housing units.

After thoroughly cleaning the debris from the wheels, apply a lubricant like WD-40 to keep them rolling smoothly and prevent rust. This is also a good time to check that all screws and fasteners are tight, and tighten them if needed.

How to replace office chair gas lift cylinder?

Over time, the gas cylinder on your office chair may lose pressure and need to be replaced. It is quite easy to just flip your chair over and use a screwdriver to remove the gas cylinder. This can then be replaced with a new cylinder of the same size and type obtained from your chair supplier.