Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Welcome to Fuh Shyan ergonomic chair manufacturer, we have been the professional ergonomic chair suppliers in Taiwan since 1986 with years of experiences in manufacturing many series of ergonomic mesh office chair. Here you can find high quality ergonomic mesh chair with adjustable headrest, adjustable arm and back height adjustment. Fuh Shyan offers our clients many types of high qulaity ergonomic mesh chairs for your choosing, such as big and tall type ergonomic office chairs, office room chairs for conference and meeting, ergonomic task chairs, mesh back desk chair and more. If you are interested in our ergonomic mesh chairs, please feel free to contact us!

Ergonomic Mesh Chair Series:

Here we are talking about what factors make up an ergonomic chair?

An good ergonomic mesh chair has some features below: 

1. The seat height adjustment – for a chair to be considered ergonomic its seat height should be adjustable. 

2. Back rest height adjustment – you will be able to adjust your back rest part of your chair to different direction. 

3. Arm support adjustment – you can adjust the arms for suitable height and width when  your arms while typing. 

4. Back angle adjustment – this feature allows you to turn the back of your chair to a comfortable position or angle.

5. Back tilt tension – these tension knob will let you adjust the pressure needed to roll back in your chair.

6. Headrest adjustment – adjustable headrest is to prevent you from gaining a stiff neck while working.

7. Quality casters – the best support from castors for your body weight as you exit or enter the chair.


Research has shown that switching to ergonomic chair can bring biggest benefits below:

1. Increased productivity – The ergonomic office chairs can incredibly help in improving productivity at work.

2. Improved quality of work – When your chair no longer makes you frustrated or fatigued, you are bound to complete tasks with more quality than ever before.  

3. Health benefits – The best ergonomic chairs are great to introduce healthy working at the office. It can reduce lower back pain, giving proper support to the spine, alleviating neck and shoulder pains and more.

4. Better employee engagement – There is little to complain about if employees are comfortable when they using a quality ergonomic mesh office chair.